Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What's Your Style?

What's your style?  In our old house, i would have said we were going for "Vic-clectic".  Yes, i completely made up that word, but i guess what i mean is stuff we love, placed in our Victorian home, hopefully with super stylish results.  Unfortunately in our case the "stuff we love" didn't always happen to go together.  So to better illustrate the style we were after, check out one of our all time favourite examples of a Victorian home that wears its Victorian architecture and its owners' collections and belongings seamlessly and beautifully.  When i say Vic-clectic, images of Emma's beautiful home pop into my mind.

From the Marion House Book

Pretty gorgeous home, eh?  We still admire and drool over it, but our new home has very different bones - Edwardian bones.  Straighter, simpler, lower-ceilinged bones.  And with our two young kids, having a house full of "stuff we love" can inevitably be heart breaking.  So with this new house we wanted things to be simpler, more durable and more replaceable.  But we still want it to be stylish, and we still want to love our things.

So what's our new style going to be?..."Mod-wardian".  Again, i made that up and it probably doesn't mean much to anyone but me, so here are some pictures to illustrate what inspires our new look:

Claire Stubbs Home via The Marion House Book:

Sama Studio via The Marion House Book

For another wonderful example follow the progress on a big Mod-wardian renovation at The Bennett House, where Keira and her family are injecting some modern influence to a grand old Edwardian home.


  1. I was reading this post with glee because you first show Emma's house (which I adore!) but it does have different bones to our house, and then Claire Stubbs' house which I have pictures of in my inspiration file (the concrete mantle, the walnut floors and the art-- love it all). So I had to laugh when I got to the bottom! You pegged my style exactly! Mod-wardian it is! So curious to see what you do with yours.

  2. Thanks Keira, I can not wait to see the progress on your place. So far it looks amazing, and i really enjoy seeing all the brilliant ideas and designs you come up with. Laundry chute = Pure genius!