Saturday, August 4, 2012

We got the keys!

We picked up the keys earlier this week, and have some cosmetic changes that we'd like to knock off right away before moving in, as well as one major project.  On our last house, we would usually jump into projects with so much gusto, that i would often forget to take "Before" shots until it was way too late.  So to prevent that from happening, i brought my camera to make sure i have documentation of how everything looked the day we got the keys.  Here is a home tour of "Befores".  Most of the immediate changes are of the pulling up carpet and repainting variety, so i should have some pretty dramatic "Afters" soon.

Front of house:

Front Vestibule:

Foyer and hall:

Dining room:


Living room:

Family room - soon to be Adam's nursery:

Front bedroom - soon to be Sidney's nursery:

Back bedroom 1 - soon to become new family room:

The sunroom - soon to become kid's new craft and play area:

Back bedroom 2 - soon to become Sheila's (our live-in care giver) room:

The third floor master suite:

And pretty much as soon as i finished taking these pictures, i swapped my camera for my tools and started ripping out carpet.  What was underneath may shock you, but that'll be the next post.